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Appliance Question of the Month

Most of us don’t put a lot of thought into our refrigerator. It’s there, it cools our food, and that’s that. But, when the refrigerator fails to perform to expectations, we pay attention. The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in the home. Any problems with this appliance can spoil food and cause other mishaps and worries. Call our top appliance repair company in the event your refrigerator isn’t cooling, begins to leak, or experiences any of the common issues below. We’ll get the unit repaired and working efficiently again in no time.

Strange Noises
A quiet hum of the motor is about the only noise we expect to hear from the refrigerator. And so, when it makes loud, unusual noises, it’s a sign of trouble. Strange refrigerator noises may be caused by any number of issues. Call one of the repairmen from our top appliance repair company out to inspect the refrigerator to diagnose the exact problem and efficiently repair the unit.

Circulation Fan
A circulating fan inside of the refrigerator helps keep the unit cool. It works by pushing cold air out into the refrigerator and the freezer. If the compressor is working but the circulation fan is not, we’ll come out and replace the fan to resolve the problem. Keep the circulation fan free from blockage to minimize problems.

The heart of the refrigerator lies within the compressor and motor. Located on the lower back portion of the refrigerator, you may find that either of these components malfunction with or without notice. Once the compressor or motor is damaged, you have a big problem on your hands that needs a fast repair. We’d be happy to come out and look at the unit.


Leaks also cause frustration for many people. A leak may occur inside or outside of the refrigerator. Most people find puddles underneath or in front of their unit most common. The puddle may be caused by several issues, but it’s oftentimes a damaged evaporation pan that is responsible for the trouble. Refrigerators are designed to provide owners years and years of smooth, hassle-free usage, but sometimes, problems can and will occur along the way as parts and components wear out and breakdown. The issues above are among the most common issues we handle for customers every day. If you need a refrigerator repair, give us a call and let us show you why there is no better name to call for refrigerator repair service.

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