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Appliance Question of the Month

The professionals at any professional Bucks County appliance repair company know and understand the complexities of today’s modern washers and dryers. Washers continue to evolve with the new HE (high efficiency) process standard. Dryers, too, have seen changes as well. We’ll discuss them after our discussion about washers. Many people don’t understand the new process they’re using to wash their clothes. That said, here’s a good explanation of the process, as well as some reminders that the pros at a Bucks County appliance repair company are happy to explain in detail to you.

HE Explained High efficiency is the goal of washer manufacturers these days. Not only is conserving water and electricity a good idea, the new HE washing process works very well if you understand it and allow the machine to do its job. Compared to conventional washing, which many people long for its return, the HE process doesn’t use much water. It’s understandable that going from a conventional washer that used twenty-five gallons of water or more for just one wash, to a new machine that uses approximately five gallons for the same wash, people doubted the new washers from the start. If the discussion sounds a little involved already, it’s because the new machines require experts to troubleshoot them. Electronics and programming didn’t have a place in washers years ago, but high-tech solid-state electronics are the norm today. The reality is they make washing clothes easier and less expensive. Our Bucks County appliance repair company stands ready to answer all your questions!

Three Ingredients of the HE Process
This new process requires three things to happen in unison to give you the kind of washing results you expect. 1. Only HE soap (HE is a type of soap, not a brand) 2. The correct amount of soap (1 tablespoon for an average load) 3. Combined in the right amount of water (approximately 3.5 inches controlled by the machine) We know it sounds simple enough, but during the development of the process, Whirlpool spent years perfecting it. They tested it for years before introducing it to the general public way back in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Instead of an agitator used in conventional washers, today’s machines use a wash plate or similar-looking agitator to rotate the clothes in the soap and water solution, instead of the grinding action used by conventional machines. HE machines clean clothes by rubbing garments against each other.

Dryers do a great job most of the time, and when they start showing signs of trouble, you need a trained technician to get you back up and running again. Dryers have evolved from their humble beginnings, and they always stand ready to finish up laundry day! Just like the new technologically advanced washers we see today, dryers have electronic controls and sensors to make sure our clothes are dry and as wrinkle-free as possible. The one crucial fact about dryers is that they require a 4-inch metal vent for best results. Also, having your vent cleaned at least once a year helps to ensure flawless drying performance. Don’t let the simple-looking design of dryers fool you. They’re complicated because the moisture sensors always send their readings to the main control and if necessary, change the estimated drying time that’s best for your clothes. Washer and dryer repair is an important part of keeping a house functioning daily without interruption. That said, rely on a Bucks County appliance repair company to be there when you need us!

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